• Participant Education – Providing the               participant information to allow them to make informed decisions that best fit their needs.
  • Participant Centered Services – Working         with the participant to develop an                   individualized service plan based on their        needs, preferences, strengths, weaknesses, and goals to support their health, safety, welfare, and independence.
  • Participant Choice – Presenting participants with options of services they are eligible for and providers to choose from.
  • Participant Satisfaction – Monitoring               services to make sure they meet the               participant’s needs and expectations.



 Service Coordination of South Central Pennsylvania, Inc. (SCSCPA) was    incorporated in Pennsylvania in May of 2012 as a Domestic Non-Profit  Corporation for the  purpose of providing coordination of services for  adult persons with disabilities. SCSCPA was set up to  independently function with its own employer number, bank accounts  and insurances. It was under the sponsorship of UCP of South Central  PA with a $200,000 deposit into the newly established SCSCPA bank  account to support the new organization until its revenue flow  stabilized.  The $200,000 was a long term loan with no repayment due in the first operating year.  After the end of the first year, repayment began on the loan with a seven year amortization schedule.

It was not until January 27, 2013 that this separation was completed with staff officially oriented and signed on as SCSCPA personnel working to provide service coordination under the state waivers and programs.  Through this process of separation and establishing a conflict free environment, a SCSCPA Board of Directors that meet quarterly was born. The Board was integral to the official start-up of SCSCPA and with the hiring of its Executive Director.  Participants prior to start-up were given the freedom of choice to continue with the new company or to switch.  Most of the service coordination participants served by UCP chose SCSCPA as their provider and UCP of South Central PA ceased providing service coordination services as they continued to provide the Personal Assistance Services (PAS) or attendant care services.

During SCSCPA’s first year, the agency was made aware that they could not be considered fully conflict free if they were located at the UCP facility and contracting with their company for their fiscal and other business needs.  March of 2014 marked the full separation and conflict free operation of SCSCPA with the relocation of its agency and the hiring of a fiscal director. The main administrative office of SCSCPA is presently located at 141 Broadway, Suite 310, Hanover, PA 17331.  In addition, staff is located at our satellite office 439 Ramsey Avenue, Chambersburg, PA 17201.  The agency with its dedicated staff has grown from 11 to 14 full-time and 2 part-time employees.

141 Broadway, Suite 310
Hanover, PA 17331

439 Ramsey Ave. , Section C
Chambersburg, PA 17201

Our Toll Free Number: 

1 (800) 223-0467