Contact for Enrollment:
Independent Enrollment Broker
   (MAXIMUS) 1-877-550-4227


  • Make a referral to Maximus
  • Maximus will set up appointment within 5 days of the
  • Maximus assessor meets with the individual and completes
       an initial assessment
  • Maximus facilitates with the individual's physician to
       obtain a Physician's Certificate (within 30 days)
  • Once Physician's Certificate is obtained, Maximus will
        make a request to the AAA to have a LOCA completed in
        order to determine medical eligibility for Waiver services
       (within 30 days)
  • After LOCA is completed, Maximus will make a request to
       the local CAO to determine financial eligibility (within 45 days)
  • Maximus offers the individual a choice of a Service Coordination
       Agency to facilitate services (offered at Maximus' initial visit)
  • Upon state approval (Office of Long-Term Living), the Support
       Coordinator will meet with the individual and offer choices of direct
       care providers and assist in facilitating any additional services the 
       consumer needs
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Hanover, PA 17331

439 Ramsey Ave. , Section C
Chambersburg, PA 17201

Our Toll Free Number: 

1 (800) 223-0467